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This course is designed to reflect the importance of LO/TO as an energy isolation program intended to protect the safety of maintenance personnel from the accidental startup of release of energy while conducting maintenance work. It details how LO/TO is designed to ensure that equipment is free of all energy sources prior to the commencement of any maintenance. Participants will be shown various LO/TO safety kits, boxes, devices, locks and other equipment, and be able to interact with a LO/TO demo station within the classroom for a practical exercise.

Topics Covered

  • Understand the need for energy control procedures and learn about different types and forms of energy.
  • Become familiar with all methods and procedures of LO/TO.
  • Understand employer’s responsibilities and employee training needs.
  • Be able to discern the differences between lockout & tagout.
  • Recognize job duties of the LO/TO program and inspection requirements.

Course Details

  • Duration Half Day
  • Start Time 7:30 am
  • End Time 11:30 am
  • Prereqs None
  • Certificate Yes
  • OSHA Compliant Yes

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